March Madness BracketThe March Madness Bracket Challenge is type of betting based on the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship held each spring. The event involves participant betting pools or brackets. A bracket is a form that is either printed out and completed by hand, or filled out online. On the form, the participant picks the outcome of each game in the tournament. The predictions are compared to other participant selections in the pool, and the person with the best predictions wins. When selecting a successful partnership with a Public Relations (PR) firm, the strategies behind selecting NCAA brackets can be applied to PR firm selection.

Create A Winning Strategy

A successful basketball coach possesses a number of important qualities. The coach is an effective communicator and has made knowing everything about the game a top priority. This   includes the offense and defense, the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and each player’s strengths and weaknesses. The coach takes all of this knowledge to create a winning strategy. When it comes to a company’s PR plan, it is essential to create a winning strategy. The company and PR Firm must understand each other and what each does as well as the goals of the company and vision for growth and success. A successful partnership with a PR firm will involve open communication, sharing of thoughts and ideas, and doing the research to map key points to achieving success. Like choosing an NCAA team, when assessing PR agencies, a company should be looking for a firm with strategic perspective about the way they play the public relations game, and will customize work created by the PR team that is specialized in their specific industry. Like a basketball team, look for the PR team that sees the bigger picture with their eye always on the ultimate prize.

Winning Team Spirit

In basketball, the successful team is the team that works together to win. In business, including the business of public relations, poor teamwork leads to poor results, and even failure. Although basketball teams have star players, the one star player cannot win the game alone. This is the same in PR. When selecting a PR firm, look at the firms with a positive teamwork culture; they should get along, work together to achieve goals, and easily communicate with each other.

Know The Big Scorer

On every basketball team, there is one player who has the skill to sink every ball he throws to the basket. This player is the one that team members and coaches turn to when the team urgently needs to score. In PR, the star player is one who excels in one particular area and can get the job done. They are the one person who can always convey a message effectively. As in basket ball, while all team members are essential to success, the one who can effectively get the message to the target consumer is the one that connects the company and its brand to the consumer This is at the core of successful PR. In other words, if a team does not score, they lose, and if a PR firm does not reach the target consumers, they fail.

Integrate Versatility With Creativity

In basketball, a team will use the small forward in different roles because he is a flexible player with skills in different areas such as the guard role to defend forwards or point guards. In PR, there should be a small forward that can be used in different PR development areas, such as pitching ideas, ad creation, etc. This allows for creative thinking on all levels to better maximize the effectiveness of a PR strategy. Having versatility in a PR firm is essential to promoting and maximizing creativity.

The process of selecting NCAA brackets is much like the process of choosing a good PR firm when you analyze and identify the teams’ abilities to achieve success. When viewing both NCAA teams and PR firms as teams, you should assess their past experience and their results, how they achieved past success, how they strategize to achieve success, how effectively they work together as a team, and the effectiveness of the leader or coach. If you apply the similar NCCA selection strategies to winning PR firm selection, you will greatly increase the likelihood of selecting one of the best PR firms Wilmington NC for your organization.