man woman hands holding broken heartI’m breaking up with Facebook. Like most superficial romances, the infatuation has worn off. I hope the PR & Marketing police don’t come and drag me off to rehab for my subversive ways. But I’m just tired of it. I quit posting to my Facebook page about six months ago. And I quit even looking at Facebook for updates about a month or so ago. And you know what? My life and my career are doing just fine, thank you.

About a year or more ago, the angst set in. I felt overexposed and under-rewarded. I do enjoy keeping up with my nieces and nephews across the country and I love keeping tabs on some high school friends I’ve reconnected with. But even they have begun to temper their activity online. Maybe we all are feeling the same sense of Facebook ennui.

It’s interesting that this sense of malaise coincides with Facebook’s IPO. It will be interesting to watch how this revolutionary technology evolves. Will it go the way of the 1990s dot coms or will it emerge into something truly valuable that its 850 million members can’t live without? Only time will tell. But you won’t hear about it on MY Facebook page.

Excuse while I go do something vastly more rewarding than spending time on Facebook. Like playing Words with Friends or reading a book — on my Kindle Fire.