images-12Pizza Hut and Papa Johns are hoping you’ve got their delivery numbers on your speed dial. Pizza Hut is debuting its new creative by the Martin Agency in Richmond (that clever Geico agency) during the Super Bowl pre-game. Papa Johns is advertising 2 minutes prior to half time.

Pizza Hut’s pre-game strategy assumes game watchers place their pizza orders prior to kick off. Papa Johns is banking on hungry half-time fans who want to restock the buffet.

Martin ads promote “any pizza, any size, any crust, any toppings” for $10 each. Wow. That’s a good deal. If Pizza Hut delivered to our house, I’d be placing on call. But no such luck. In one Pizza Hut spot scheduled to air just before kickoff, a husband and wife are discussing the promotion, and the wife, thrilled with the variety of pizza choices available, says “for the first time in my life, I don’t have to settle.” The husband interjects, “You’re talking about pizza, right?”

Papa Johns is running a spot that shows founder John Schnatter delivering pizzas to workers behind the scenes of the game. The spot was produced by NFL Films to give it an “in-the-game” look that will appear to be happening live. But it’s not.

I look forward to seeing which brand scores more pizza sales today. Sounds like a close call.