Debbie loves the fiber optic star on top of our Christmas tree – We bought it at CVS two years ago. It’s clear plastic and has a pulsating glow that burns red, then blue, then green, then yellow, then back to red again. It’s FABULOUS and is the perfect bit of “trash” to our otherwise glamorous and beautiful Christmas tree.

Nathan loves the oversized, horribly obnoxious and bright Christmas trees that people put in their yards during Christmas time – They take spreading Christmas cheer to a whole new level by making sure you’re aware it’s still Christmas, even when your blinds are closed! It’s fantastic.

Shawn loves lit up animatronic reindeer – These lawn ornaments have the same affect on me that faux wood fencing does. Both make me want to swerve abruptly and mow them down with my car. It astounds me that even the nicest of homes in the nicest of areas will surround their homes with plastic fencing. And it all seems to be okay. The same thing has happened with these twinkly white light entangled reindeer, slowly bucking their heads as if to say “who did this to me and why?”

Susan loves my dad’s felt holly bowtie – There’s not much worse at the holiday’s than horribly tacky attire, like sweatshirts with wooden ornaments attached to a painted-on tree or sweaters with knitted reindeers or snowmen. That being said, one of my favorite things about Christmas is a felt bowtie in the shape of holly leaves and berries that my dad wears every year  – and has as long as I can remember. And while it drives my stepmom nuts, it’s kinda endearing that my dad is such a dork about the holiday. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without it.