images5Remember when Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods submitted a sexy poolside video as part of her admissions package for Harvard Law? Well, it seems the trend is catching on. Tufts University is now accepting YouTube videos as part of the admissions process. This certainly bodes well for the extroverted, creative types out there who have a laptop handy with a built-in camera. This is just another example of how technology and social media is changing the way in which we communicate and market — with each other and college application boards.

Making videos has never been easier. The Pokies Talk team made two Super Bowl Talkies videos recently to promote our annual promotion to judge Super Bowl ads. It took nothing more than a referee outfit, some creative copywriting, a camera-loving Creative Director (that’s me) and my laptop. Voila, in less than 30 minutes, we had two videos to promote our annual Super Bowl event. Cost? A few dog biscuits for my co-star Camden (woof).

If there are any parents of graduating seniors out there who need some help creating a compelling video application, give us a call. Talk is for hire.