Debbie loves Chuck, the cute nerdy (not) guy that comes on NBC every Monday at 8:00 p.m. and makes me laugh out loud for an hour –  Zachary Levi stars as Chuck and he’s constantly getting in and out of close calls with super secret spy pal/love interest Sarah. I rarely get this attached to TV characters, but this is one of the few programs that I schedule my evening around. I’ve become a fan on Facebook and I’ve checked out their website a time or two. I usually post something about the show on Twitter or Facebook before or after tuning in. Sigh. I have a TV crush. Sorry dear.

Holly loves parents on Facebook – I know it sounds a little crazy, but I honestly love that my parents and their friends are starting to hop on the Facebook train. My Facebook profile has become such a personal, important component of my life over the last four years, and it’s nice that now my parents are able to take part in it. I no longer have to describe in detail the events I went to or the pictures I took, because all of that is for their viewing pleasure on my page. I’m excited we are learning how to use social media to stay connected as a family – I just hope they keep the stalking to a minimum.

Kelly loves the Wilmington Azalea Festival.  By far the best party every year in the South, the Azalea Festival is a five-day celebration of local artwork, tours of amazing gardens, rich history and southern culture.  With concerts, fairs and pageantry, there is something for the whole family to enjoy.  I first attended the Azalea Festival shortly after moving to this beautiful coastal town five years ago and I have not missed one yet!

Kirsty lovesLiving Social” is social cataloging for Books, Movies, TV Shows, Albums, Video Games, Beer, Restaurants and more. Its “Pick Five” is also the hottest trend on Facebook. The site touts itself as the the most comprehensive interest-based online community, helping more than 7.5 million users catalogue their interests, seamlessly integrating with Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, hi5, and Orkut. That’s for sure. Facebook friends across the nation have been bonding over the top five movies they grew up on, the top five albums of all time and the top five TV shows they’ve seen every episode of.

Nathan loves delicious – No, not tasty snacks, though he does love those, too, but what is considered a social bookmarking site. In other words, in the same way you can “bookmark” a page in your browser for viewing later, with delicious you can bookmark it online, allowing you to access it from anywhere that has an internet connection. What’s more, you can also share all of your bookmarks easily with your friends! For example, check out what Nathan has bookmarked recently.

Susan loves Clever design – Some people go through life plotting out stories based on random actions they see. Some notice smells wherever they go. Others see designs and patterns in even the most innocuous settings.  And then I see pictures like this, where the latter of those types saw something and took the time to make it a reality simply because they could, and I just sit in awe a few minutes.